Why It’s A Shame Writing Letters Went Extinct

“Writing isn’t letters on paper. It’s communication. It’s memory.”

– Isaac Marion

Writing letters is a lost art now days. Letters used to be the sole communication between people, but now it’s been replaced with the telephone, the cell phone, texting, chat rooms, emails, instagram, Facebook, snap chats, etc. Don’t get me wrong! I’m all for moving forward to bigger and better things, in fact I love technology and I’m excited for any new electronic toy I can discover, but I wished some things stayed as they were. Writing letters is one of them.

I may only be in my early twenties but I think beautiful, long, handwritten, sappy love letters are wonderful. I love seeing handwriting on paper instead of computer script. I love getting mail in my mailbox and opening an envelope to read a multi-paged letter over a cup of tea. It’s personal. It takes time to write a letter and just the thought alone can make you smile. Because someone loved you enough to hand write you a letter.

Not only that but writing letters is also an introvert’s dream! We can write and have a conversation with someone without ever talking or getting drained. We’re able to plan outings days in advance and wouldn’t have to stress when people ask us last minute to go hang out. As an introvert, I hate last minute plans but I also am very kind- most of my friends are extroverts, and I know that they need the socialization. I try to hang out with them one day and use the next to recharge, but not everyone understands that. Hence, letters would work out the best! I wouldn’t be that deer in the headlight struggling with being drained and nice, or recharged and selfish.

I sometimes think that maybe letters went extinct for that very reason. Maybe when extroverts couldn’t handle the quiet and wanted to be able to talk with more people at a faster pace they had to come up with some technology to accommodate them. Or maybe Alexander Graham Bell was an extrovert and knew that other extroverts needed more people talking. Either way, letters have long sense faded away, but to me I’ll still handwrite thank you cards, write letters to friends far away rather than text them and send letters to family whenever I find time. Why? Because I know how I feel when I receive a handwritten note, I feel special! Shouldn’t I wish that upon others that I love and care about too?

What are your views on letters? How do you think letters went extinct?



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