6th Day of Clinicals

Clinicals are no longer scary at the nursing home. My classmates and I know the names of every single resident; we know most of their conditions and if we don’t we can work the computers flawlessly now. We know almost everyone who works the evening shift and we also know those we like and those we don’t. We’re also finding that it’s almost too easy now too! I’m overjoyed to be working with the resident’s! I think they are magnificent! And I too found taking care of my resident today to be rather easy and slow. Everyone in my class is confident in our skills and we also all passed the class! We all get to embark on a new grand adventure!

Today I had a resident who really, REALLY loves bed. My resident, “K”, doesn’t like to get out of bed and even if she is in bed, she asks you to put her to bed. I’m all for sleep but even I like to get out of bed every once in a while! Regardless, “K” loves bed. My professor knew this, and she also knows that I’m not the greatest at conversation. I can listen and be understanding but it’s hard for me to start conversations and then keep them going. So my professor gave me a challenge: I had to get “K” to the dining hall, hold a conversation with her and do something with her after dinner (that wasn’t going to bed). It was actually easier than I thought it was, especially when it became a competition sort of thing. I not only convinced “K” to come to the dining hall but I also held a forty minute conversation with her during dinner! We talked about Thanksgiving, Turkey meat (white vs. dark), Christmas, How Santa Claus is real, Snow, making snowmen, snow cats and snow dogs, colors of Christmas, hats (“K” loves hats! Her mother makes them for her) with matching scarves, the dinner menu (Tater Tot Casserole!) and, of course, her wish to go to bed when she finished eating.

After “K” finished eating she told me to take her straight to her room to go to bed. And as I was wheeling her towards her room, she started to get bossy! J “Next left! Go faster! Put me in my bed!” and the whole time I was thinking, “How in the world am I going to delay your bedtime?!?” So I had her brush her teeth, wash her face, and apply Chap Stick. Then I helped get her into her gown when I noticed that her nails had some sharp corners. LIGHT BULB! “Hey “K”, I noticed your nails are little sharp would you like me to file them a bit?” and she said sure! YAY! So I decided to have a bit of idle chit-chat while I filed her nails:

Me: “What’s your favorite color “K”?”

“K”: “I like red and dusty rose.”

Me: “Oh those are beautiful colors! You know I think I have some dusty rose nail polish in the back room! Why don’t I paint your nails for you?”

“K”: “Okay! I like dusty rose…”

BOOM! I win professor because it took me forty minutes to get her nails cleaned, filed and painted! After dinner activity completed! Then I was able to get her into bed, change her briefs and let her sleep. I felt very accomplished!

Overall though it was a really easy day which was nice given that my foot was still killing me! Tomorrow is the last day of clinicals and then I’ll have graduated the NAC class! YAY!!!



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