The Lesson I Learned on my Last Day of Clinicals

Sorry this is a bit late; Friday was my last day of clinicals!! YAY!! We had no residents to care for because it was our day to talk about EVERYTHING!

We talked about the sign up process for the State Exam and how they only do a few days every month. This means that my class will probably not get into a testing date until January or February. WE also filled out our applications in class so that we could be sure we filled them out completely. We also talked about how important it is to get back into the classroom to do open lab at least a few times before the end of the year because of the bad habits one picks up in the nursing home.

On a brighter note, I am officially done with the NAC class course! My classmates and I all passed, we are NAR’s at the moment and as soon as we take (and Pass!) the State Exam we will be NAC’s! It is quite exciting! We thought this day would never come! J

Overall, it was a really easy day! After our little conference we had the option of helping feed the residents and to say good bye. I am not a good bye kind of person, so I did not have to help feed or say goodbye, but that is fine.

The Lesson I learned in clinicals? It isn’t as scary as everyone led me to believe. I knew my information, I studied hard and I used my heart and common sense more than anything. Now if only someone told me that at the beginning of this journey!

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