Your Dream Job Becomes A Nightmare…

I write whenever I have time and whenever I have inspiration and it just so happens that I also love writing prompts! I’m aware that some people love them and some people don’t, but I came across this writing prompt and it just got me thinking… “Your dream job becomes a nightmare…”

When I saw this writing prompt I couldn’t help but laugh! My dream job is to be a nurse practitioner and along the way is nursing assistant, registered nurse, bachelors in nursing, and then nurse practitioner. All along the path I have chosen is the fact that my dream job can go from amazing to a nightmare in a blink of an eye! I could save a life, be the smile and the kind soul when life looks bleak, I can heal a hurting heart, or a broken leg. But at the same time I could lose a patient, I could become stressed, frazzled and frustrated, I could get hit, scratched, bit and yelled at, I could unknowingly be healing a symptom and not the problem, or I could not know of a problem until too late.

A bad day is like a nightmare, depending on how you see it. Sometimes you’re looking at the bad day so closely that it seems like a nightmare until you step back and realize that it was something so small! I have the problem of getting so worked up on the details that I fail to see the big picture sometimes! However, I know that patients often express frustration in anger, that people in general usually do not like to go to the doctor’s office or hospital and that pain is subjective. A person could be a level 8 on the pain scale and be laughing and joking. It doesn’t mean their pain is any less, and it doesn’t automatically mean that they lied. But at the time, yes that could add to a “nightmarish” day! But while so many things could go wrong, so many things could go right too. I believe it is our choices that make dreams and nightmares. A badly thought out plan, failing to understand where another person is coming from, misunderstandings, all these choices and accidents can cause a “nightmarish day” but remembering that a person’s frustration or pain, and remembering to control your own emotions/feelings can quickly defuse a nightmare back to a dream.

I think the writing prompt was a good one mostly because it is a prompt that could go either way but why dwell on the fact that your dream job COULD be a nightmare? It just seems…too… pessimistic! I’d rather focus on keeping my mind on my dream: to help people.

What about you? What is your dream job? And what would you do if it became a nightmare?



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