It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Christmas and Traditions

I LOVE Christmas! I love everything about Christmas; the decorations, the lights, the food, the time with family, and the children’s smiles when they see Santa Claus. I love how generally people are more generous and more kind to others. I love the snow and the music which makes my soul smile! The only thing I could possibly hate about Christmas time is that it ends too soon.

Every year Christmas starts out the same in my household: It starts on the day after Thanksgiving.

My mom, sister and I go Black Friday shopping together while listening to Christmas music. I’m not a huge fan of shopping, nor am I a fan of crowds, but Black Friday Shopping with my mom and sister is the best holiday tradition to me! Besides, I’m quite a huge fan of sales! 🙂

After we get done shopping (and have slept for a few hours!) We get out the Christmas decorations! This is the absolute best part! We get out boxes and boxes of all our decorations and stack them up in the living room until every Christmas-y thing we have is in the living room, and then we split up. My sister and I take our boxes to our rooms to decorate and my mom starts in the kitchen and living room. By the end of the day every room has Christmas decorations and lights. Christmas music is being blared and we’re all waiting (and praying!) for snow to fall to complete our Wonderland!

My mom has made it a tradition for my family to try very hard to always do Random Acts of Kindness every day during the month of December. Growing up, my mom always taught us to do these acts of kindness no matter the month or holiday, but we get competitive during December. Santa Claus is watching! 🙂

Then we get our Christmas tree and we decorate. My family doesn’t use Christmas ornaments; we don’t use Christmas balls or a themed tree. The ornaments we use are either ornaments that were handmade by my sister and I or friends or were bought to show a memory (for example: I am really big into theatre especially in high school and my favorite play to work on was ‘Alice in Wonderland’ so my mom bought a Cheshire cat ornament. It’s a memory!) Everyone gathers in the living room as we put all our memories on to the tree. Then we sit down and watch Christmas movies! Our go-to- favorites are The Santa Clause (With Tim Allen), it’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year and of course Charlie Brown!

As the days get closer to Christmas my family will bake cookies, wrap presents, go see the Nutcracker, drive around the town and look at Christmas lights, Find the new hiding place of our Elf on a Shelf “Bobby”, drink Candy Cane Hot Chocolate, and enjoy the Holiday’s. My mom, sister and I will sell Christmas wreaths and centerpieces and add more decorations to our already Christmas-y house. We’ll make Gingerbread houses and wish everyone we come into contact with to have a Merry Christmas!

And as always we keep Christ in Christmas. Forever and Always.

What are your Christmas Traditions? How do you celebrate the most wonderful time of the year?

Merry Christmas!



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