ALLLLLLLLL Aboard! The Polar Express!

My little town does a re-enactment of the Polar Express for the children. Kids have their tickets and go on the Steam Train to ride to the North Pole to meet Santa and hear the bells ringing! 🙂

Last Night, My mom, sister and I volunteered to be elves on the train. My mom has always wanted to go on “The Polar Express” so for her birthday we went!

I actually am not a fan of the movie the Polar Express, I’m not sure if it’s the animation or what but I never liked it very much. However, I am pleased to say that I liked being an Elf on the train! 🙂 The kids are just so excited about everything! (One family brought their Elf on a Shelf “Chippy” with them on the train!)

The train basically takes you on a 20 minute ride to the North Pole where you get to see Santa Claus, and all these lights and Christmas decorations that make it look like Santa’s Workshop. Then when the train is coming back from the North Pole the kids find out that Santa has boarded the train! So the kids get to see and talk to Santa. Santa then gives all the kids a bell just like in the Polar Express. And of course all the kids have to ring that bell as loudly as possible to prove that they do believe! 🙂

A Little blurry, but here is Santa and his Elves! 🙂 Truly Magical!

It’s truly a very sweet and amazing experience! Even if you aren’t a little kid, the magic is still there!

Merry Christmas!



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