Why I Turned into the Hulk at the Grocery Store…

I do not believe that people are born ‘bad’. I don’t believe people choose to be ‘bad’ either. But ultimately it is our choices that determine whether we are ‘bad’ or ‘good’. I believe our souls are what hold our being. We can choose to be dark or light because God gave us that. But seeing people being rude and mean to others out of jealousy and spite makes me angry. My experience today, made me tremendously angry. In fact I’m pretty sure I was “Hulk” angry.

My definition of being bad is people who make wrong choices; either to people in general such as bullying, lying, being cruel, adultery or hurting others for power, money or self-esteem. Or acts that are against the law such as stealing, killing, drugs or abuse. (For the record: I know that not everyone shares the same belief and I’m not asking you to follow my belief.) However lately I see more and more of the good in people being drowned out. Is it their choices? Or has our world changed in such a way that people can’t be nice anymore? I refuse to believe that our world has changed so much that people can’t be kind and make good choices.

So what if someone speaks differently then you, or has different clothing then you! We are all people born in God’s image. To speak harshly and negatively about someone both to their face and behind their backs is both disrespectful to the person and to God. God made them and that makes them perfect. To say otherwise is wrong. A person has the choice to speak positively to someone and lift them up or negatively to someone and tear them down. What choice is correct? What choice would God be pleased with? I didn’t think that you would need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out. But apparently, my generation does not get it.

So…Let me tell you about my lunch hour.

I walked through my local Safeway aiming to buy lunch for myself; I ended up losing my appetite to the horrible words I heard instead. A group of teenagers of all different races, genders and ages came into the store. They split up and I got to listen to a lot of their LOUD and incredibly rude conversations everywhere I turned. One girl was telling her friend that someone “can’t go shopping with us because we’ll be spending hundreds of dollars on GOOD clothing and I told her that it wasn’t fair to her that she can’t afford anything from a GOOD store”. A boy in the deli line told his buddy that he should,” stop being friends with ‘Bob’. Why? Because his stupid lisp is not cool, man, I mean really how do you expect to get a girl with a friend like THAT?” Unfortunately, I have heard all of these before, they still shock me but what can I do? I know nothing about them and none of the victims of this obvious bullying were here to be defended. Looking back now, I probably should have said something, anything! But I probably would’ve done more harm than good.

However, the comment that angered me the most was from a classic blonde cheerleader who flipped her hair every other minute or so. She stood in front of me in line and said (loudly might I add) to her three friends with her that the elderly disabled veteran in the line in front of them “looks ugly in that old uniform.” That man is disabled (and disfigured thanks to your loud comment to add about that as well!) because he fought for our freedom, OUR LIVES, so that we could live the way we do! We are given more opportunities because he fought for us so we wouldn’t have too. And you have the audacity to say what you did? I lost my temper there. And I feel no guilt for my actions.

To those four girls, if you’re reading this (and I desperately hope you are), I for one am not ashamed in the slightest to have cut in front of you. In fact, you calling me a “retard” for doing so only made me surer of what I had to do. And I am not sorry for becoming the Hulk.

I cut right in front of you tapped that man on the shoulder of his amputated arm (that you called disgusting and disfigured) and told him (loud enough that you could hear) that I was thankful for his service to our country. That I am proud to have gotten the chance to tell him Thank you and that I understand the sacrifice that he made for me and this country. And I feel no shame in turning right around and telling you four girls, how incredibly disrespectful and hurtful you were. I was disgusted and I hope it showed on my face.

I’m ashamed of the people close to my age.

My belief is that when it comes to our choices, a lot has to do with how we are raised. If our parent’s failed to teach us how to be respectful, kind, generous, cheerful, faithful, loyal, Godly, to make good choices then how could we know otherwise? At the same time, I don’t believe God sets us up for failure. I don’t believe he would have parents who make wrong choices be the only teachers in that person’s life. But still, people make the wrong choices every day! The people in the store are living proof of the hurtful, mean, spiteful choices that are done every day. People bully each other, and are unkind. They lie, steal and cheat their way through life. Is that really any way to live?

What do you believe? What would you do? If you were me, in that store, what would you have done? Would you have hulked out?



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