Which International Holiday Figure are you?

So I get emails occasionally from a group tour called EF Tours. If you’ve never traveled anywhere with EF Tours I highly suggest you do so! I went my eighth grade year to Washington D.C. with them and they are fabulous! But that’s a story for another day.

Back to emails, EF tours sent me this link Which International Holiday Figure are you Quiz which is a short, five question quiz about which International Holiday Figure you are.

I love taking quizzes! So, of course, I had to take this one! My result was The Sun Goddess Amaterasu. It originated in Japan and she is strong, independent and revered. The quiz also says, “Austere and dignified, Amaterasu is one of the traditional Shinto goddesses of the sun and universe. She was forced to hide from her evil brother in a cave for a very long time, depriving the people of her radiant life-giving light and keeping them in the dark. Her escape from the cave is associated with the winter solstice, where long days full of sunshine represent her long-awaited return and strong demeanor.” Isn’t it interesting?

I re-took the quiz a few times to see what the other Holiday Figures are and I found four results including the one I got. So what are you? Which International Holiday Figure fits you the best? I’d love to hear your results!

Merry Christmas!


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