The Hunger Games: Basically a Cookie Contest

All right everyone! Gather around! I have important news from the home front! My boyfriend’s dad has decided that this year all the girlfriends (3 brothers=3 girlfriends) are to compete against each other in a battle of hunger… for cookies that is!

This Christmas season isn’t going to be just cookies on a platter; this season is meant for a delicious gourmet cookie battle! A battle of mixes, candies and chocolate, where we wipe the flour from our hands and the icing from our brow. (I’m telling you, I have no clue how icing manages to get all over the place!) There are no rules as long as we have our “entry” in by Christmas! We must whip and stir our batter into a perfect plate of unique, original cookies. Honestly, I think the boys and their dad just really want Christmas cookies!

These questions still stand… What in the world am I going to make? Will I go gourmet? Or should I stick with traditional? Is baking simple what I should do? Or is complex the way I should go? It’s time to get my baking pans and flour! Out with my millions of cookbooks! Fire up the oven! Bring on the inspirational Christmas music and the endless hours on Pinterest! For we have 6 days to BAKE!

I will update as I get my platter going and prepped! Perhaps inspiration will come to me in the next few days of the hustle and bustle  of Christmas! In the meantime, what kind of cookies do you make during the Christmas season? Have you ever been entered into an intense Cookie Battle? Any tips as I enter these Hunger Games?

Merry Christmas and Happy Baking!

And may the odds ever be in your favor!



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