Robin Hood has a Hidden Life Lesson

The other day my town’s local Theatre put on their last showing of the performance, “Robin Hood”. I don’t know about you, but Robin Hood is one of my favorite stories! Daring sword fights, quick wit, stubbornness, multiple different re-telling and the famous quote: “Steal from the rich and give to the poor.”

Growing up, EVERYONE wanted to be Robin Hood! To be the best archer in town, to be a notorious outlaw who helped people, to fight the Sheriff of Nottingham and win by being quick, cheeky and a hero!

The performance was PERFECT! It was funny, and cute. There were tons of action scenes and the whole performance was perfect! There was tons of laughter from the audience including the scene where Maid Marian kisses Robin Hood and a little girl in the front row yelled, “EWWWW!” And as I watched a life lesson jumped out at me in the form of a memory…

I was ten years old again with my sister. We were asking my dad to show us how to make bows and arrows outside. He, my sister and I would go out into our forest and find the straightest sticks possible for our arrows and Dad would show us how to (carefully!) use a knife to make the slots in the arrows and to make the points. Then we would search for the perfect stick to be our bow and Dad would help us string it super, super tight to make it perfect!

My Dad did all this for his two girls because we wanted to be Robin Hood and his merry men. He spent time teaching us how to use our homemade bows and arrows and helped us when the string broke or became too loose. He never told us that we COULDN’T be Robin Hood. And I think that is why I love the story of Robin Hood so much. The story was the first hero that my sister and I wanted to be like. (At least, that we can remember) and my parent’s saw that.

Mom and Dad never told us that girls shouldn’t learn about archery or knives like some of the parents of our friends in school said. They told us we could do anything we wanted to do, that we could be anything and they’d support us along the way. Not once did they tell us that we couldn’t do something. Whether we wanted to dance or do Martial Arts; Reading or play sports; play the violin or play the piano; study and research or survival training… we were never told we couldn’t do something and they always helped us get there too.

I’m forever grateful that my parent’s understood that when a child has a dream, anything is possible. But when someone tears down that dream with “You’re too small,”, “You’re not good enough,” “Why do you want to know about that? That’s stupid!” or “Girls shouldn’t know about weapons”… it makes dreams disappear and then they won’t try new things. They will only be confident in the things they are supposed to be confident in. My parents saw that and knew that was no way to live. You should take a risk! Go after a dream! Take the bull by the horns! Be the hero! Why put limitations on what you think you can and can not do? You can be anything you want to be! Including being a hero like Robin Hood.

Thanks Mom and Dad! 🙂 Because of you guys, I don’t take no for an answer. I can try new things and I can live one thousand lives in one. Because of you guys, I’m strong; in more ways than one. Heck! I’m Robin Hood! 🙂

 What do you like about Robin Hood? Do you believe that you can do and be anything you want? Tell me your memories of Robin Hood! I’d love to hear them!

Merry Christmas!




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