Meet the Villain: Rude Woman

I work in an office as a receptionist and the other day I got a phone call from a very rude woman. I hate talking on the phone in general because I can’t plan out what I want to say and because I don’t know what the other person will talk about. So phone calls are already pretty stressful for me and add on a very rude, mean villain makes the day horrible.

This woman wanted to talk to one of our managers, “Sam”, and I told her that he had stepped away from his desk but that I could put her through to his voicemail (as is our policy). Here’s what transpired for the next fifteen minutes:

Rude Woman: “It’s important that I speak with “Sam” today, does he have a pager? Can you page him?”

Me: “No, ma’am I’m sorry, all I can do is put you through to his voicemail and when he returns to his office he can call you bac-“

Rude Woman: “So he doesn’t have a pager or a radio? How about a cellphone?”

Me: “No, ma’am all I can do is-“

Rude Woman: “You’re sure your company has no paging system?”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, I can put you through to his-“

Rude Woman: “This is a very important business matter.”

Me: “I understand ma’am but he isn’t in right now, the best option would be to leave him a message.”

Rude Woman: “So you’re saying that you are refusing to get a hold of him in any way possible for an important business matter?

Me: “No ma’am, are policy is if they aren’t at their desk we have you leave a message for them on their-“

Rude Woman: “What’s your name? I have to talk to him today!”

Me: “My name is Makayla, and I have already told you that he is away from his desk. You can-“

Rude Woman: “So when I do get in touch with him I can tell him that you refused to give this call to him?”

Me: “He isn’t in the office at the moment ma’am there is nothing else I can do.”

By this time my supervisor/office manager had overheard most of this and told me to just transfer the call to her and she would take care of the caller. (My supervisor/office manager is extremely nice and understanding!) Once I transferred the call she told Rude Woman exactly what I said. And get this!? Rude Woman was even ruder! If that’s even possible! She was threatening to get both my office manager and I in trouble because we were doing our job and she wasn’t getting her way! By the end of this fiasco Rude Woman ended up hanging up the phone. (This was fine by us!)

Later, when “Sam” came back to the office, we told him about how Rude Woman wanted to speak with him and how she was extremely rude and all the details. “Sam” asked what her name and company was and I told him. He just looked at us and said, “I don’t know who she is! And if she calls back again tell her I would like to speak with her personally and we’ll get this little fiasco settled. No one should speak like that!” He was entirely supportive of our efforts with this impossible woman!

So even though I got yelled at by Rude Woman for a good fifteen minutes, at least my Office Manager and “Sam” was on my side.

Have you ever had a horrible moment on the phone? Have you ever been yelled by a complete stranger at for just doing your job correctly? What would you have done with Rude Woman on the phone?



2 thoughts on “Meet the Villain: Rude Woman

  1. Yikes!! Sounds disastrous. But you handled it really well. And I don’t work on the phones most of the time. I actually work with insane children at times at this place called Lindamood-Bell. I feel the whole crazy customer service training thing….

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    1. Yikes is right! Haha, and thank you! I tried so hard to be nice! But I really just wanted to hang up!! 🙂
      What do you do at your job? It actually sounds intriguing! But yes, the “crazy customer service” is a perfect way to describe it! 🙂


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