Nurse Delegation Class: The Rant, the Realization and the Review

So currently I am in a Nurse Delegation class. It is six days long, covering everything from medication administration, delegation and diabetes. It’s a two-part class and yesterday we just finished the Nurse Delegation Exam (I got 100%! Yahoo!) and today we start the Diabetes section.

I want to start off this post by announcing that the information in this class is amazing! Repetitive in most areas due to the one requirement is being a NAR/NAC in this class. I mean we already learned body systems so it’s like review. The knowledge though! It is really interesting how a delegating RN can teach you a specific task for one specific client and you get a $0.50 pay raise to do it! I find it astonishing that a delegating RN can give a task such as administering insulin, medication, non-sterile dressings and straight catheter care to a NAC! Shocking! Plus slightly scary that NAC’s can do such a thing too.

But while I love school for the information and the professor, I do not love school for the people. I got spoiled last quarter being in a NAC class with over 10 amazing, caring, sweet people. I miss my little NAC family. I made such good friends and I miss them very much. They brought so much more love, knowledge and insight to the class. They were fun and crazy sometimes but they were never rude! They care so much for the world, our troops and the patients we were to take care of!

And then we have my Nurse Delegation classmates who make me want to tear out my hair, fight and run far, far, away…

I’m sure that they are great people if I really got to know them. I’m sure that they aren’t always like they are in class. I’m sure that if I give them the chance that they can’t really be that rude… but I have entered a passive aggressive fight with them since day one and I did it without saying a word!… I refuse to learn their names. It sounds so stupid when I say it out loud! However it is my way of coping with them. I am polite, and when I speak I’m nice. I’ve never said anything against their opinions…But I really don’t want to hear the latest information on tattoos and piercing’s. I don’t want to hear the weird, wacky (not to mention gross!) places people get piercings. I do not want to know that half the class has said wacky piercings and tattoos. I don’t want to hearing people cussing out others every five minutes. I don’t want immature conversations. But most of all? I don’t want to hear unintelligent and uncaring words/language coming from the mouths of people who are so uncultured and rude.

I live by the rules: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” (and they wonder why I don’t talk much!) and “Unless the words you speak are going to be more beautiful than silence, don’t speak.” They are good rules to live by. I mess up occasionally and let my temper go and say things I shouldn’t have. I’m not perfect! But I try.

But these people? Every time the professor leaves the room (mind you it is a 4 hour class period, we all get breaks and can leave the room as does the professor) the things they say about others makes my head hurt and my heart ache. What happened to the days where women acted more lady-like? Where being polite and kind was the best compliment you could be given? Why do we have to bad mouth others? How come learning about piercing body parts is more important than learning to take care of people who can’t take care of themselves?

Yesterday was incredibly tough for me. I think I honestly couldn’t take anymore. While I sit in the corner of the room in the front, the farthest away from anyone, I still hear everything and we still have to partner up occasionally. I do not like partnering up. And fortunately for me, my classmates have picked up my preferences! Because everyone basically left me alone. (There were two people who I joined later on who are wonderful, kind and I haven’t heard anything, for lack of a better word, horrible come from their mouths and they are excluded from my rant.) By the time we were finished learning and applying straight catheter’s to the dummies I was so…done. I wanted to flee the classroom. I was done with the people. I was done with the uncultured and disrespectful language and I was done with the immature nature of the classmates. If I didn’t respect my professor and the knowledge I was receiving, I would’ve left in a heartbeat.


In no way, shape or form will you never get your hands dirty in nursing! Being immature about it is a sure way to embarrass your patient! They are already quite embarrassed to have to have someone else (usually a stranger which you guessed it! It’s a nurse or NAC!) to clean them, to insert a catheter, to re-wrap a wound that is leaking pus and blood, to change them and the bed if they are incontinent, etc. Think about it. One day it will be you in their place. How would you feel if your nurse in the future starts giggling because they have to put a catheter in you and the thought of the anatomy makes your nurse laugh because it could be a dirty joke?

That’s what I thought. Do unto others people. That is all I ask.

By the time I got home from the spawn of uneducated fiend’s. I was livid. I was so upset by these people. I wanted to scream! So instead I watched Pride and Prejudice (2005).

It made me feel better.  Just seeing intelligent conversations play across my screen, hearing witty comebacks and seeing gentlemen and ladies who know how to behave in public… It’s my favorite book and movie. I get so frustrated with people sometimes and I know that if I could I’d rather never leave my house but  instead crawl into my books and live in a world where people were kind. Don’t get me wrong books are not perfect there are always bad things happening in my books too but the hero’s and heroine’s they are witty, intelligent and kind. They know how to act. They own more common sense then a teaspoon and they understand the need to change the world for the better!

My best friend once told me that while being able to crawl into books would be amazing! I have to still “human” in reality. I brushed that thought a side, why live in reality if you can live in a book? But now, after cooling down, I realize why… We have to live in reality because that’s how we change the world. We have to change the world because while one person can be the light in the darkness, we can also be the one nurse who cared. The one police officer who went above and beyond. The one fireman that saved not only a family but also their beloved pet. The one teacher who took the time to actually teach a child who struggled. The one counselor that made the world less scary. The one person who made a difference.

I don’t know about any of you, but I know I won’t quit. I may want to punch someone (or more than just someone) in the face, scream, cry and run away…but I won’t give up. I want to be that one nurse who changed someone’s life for the better. Even if I have to sit through two more days of the very people who seem to dull my sparkle and make me feel hopeless.

My prayer for myself and anyone who reads this: Lord Jesus if someone out there is struggling like I am, I hope that they feel your presence and know that they are not alone. That you have a plan for them. That the people you place in our lives are there for a reason: To teach us, or for us to teach them. I pray that you place your hand on them and when they feel frustrated, and ready to give up  on crossing the river to where you want us to be. I pray that you will be there to show them the bridge you made for us to cross. I pray that they feel peace and understanding. That though not all people are kind that we can be the kinder ones in return. No matter how much effort it will sometimes take. I pray in your name. Amen.



2 thoughts on “Nurse Delegation Class: The Rant, the Realization and the Review

  1. Sounds like an interesting class. Is that a prereq for your nursing program?? Oh and your laws are very different! In Connecticut, we aren’t allowed to delegate medication administration or anything like that to our NAC/CNAs! Crazy, right?? I’m not sure where I stand on that one. Our CNAs do test blood glucose levels and take blood if they’re trained as a PCT.

    Sorry your classmates are so immature and rude. I haven’t had a ton of people like that so far in nursing school, but unfortunately many of those people are out there :(. You are handling the situation in a mature way, and I’m sure you will be a kick awesome nurse whereas they will have a lot harder journey ahead of them due to their behaviors.

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  2. It isn’t a pre-req for the nursing program, but it does give NAC’s a 50 cent pay raise in the work force! Which is nice! 🙂

    Really? In Connecticut you don’t do delegation? So far, a specific delegating RN can delegate a specific task to one client. Both the client, the RN and the NAC have to have a written agreement for the whole thing and that means the NAC can, after being trained by the RN, actively assist in administration of both legend and non-legend drugs, non-sterile dressing, etc.

    Yeah, I was pretty bummed with my class…I’m trying so hard to be nice and polite too! But thank you, from the bottom of my heart! I very much appreciate your kind words! I know, just by reading your own blog and your comments to others that you too are going to be a fantastic nurse that Connecticut definitely needs!


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