My Views on Fairytales

Growing up and even to this very day fairy tales are my go to books. I read them so often that I’ve memorized many different versions of the same tale! Whether the books are Grimm, Anderson, Fables, Fairy tales from different countries, Disney versions or fractured fairy tales, I read them constantly. They take me to a world that makes it easy to find the bad guy. He’s usually scary looking, mean, or dabbling in dark magic. He’s usually the person everyone tries to avoid. Sometimes he wears all black, sometimes he is a royal with a cold, black heart. Whatever his looks his character is generally the same. Evil, bad, mean, cruel and always tries to take down the hero. Which makes people think that fairy tales are only for children! But they’re not!

There is just so much truth in fairy tales. There are warnings and lessons in them that aren’t just for children. But for adults too! I feel that it is important to learn about them, to remember them because they are stories that people had told to them over and over again until they were memorized enough to be written down to be shared across the globe. If something was so important to someone to make the tradition of telling the story shouldn’t it be learned by others as well? It’s like making sure a legend/fairy tale doesn’t go extinct! Much like my article on Why it’s a Shame Writing Letter’s Went Extinct.

What are your views on fairy tales? Do you have a favorite tale? I’d love to discus what you think of your tales both the Grimm version or the Disney version!



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