Book Review: The Archived

The Archived

By: Victoria Schwab

The Archived is about a young woman named Mackenzie Bishop. Mackenzie isn’t your normal teenager even though she wishes she could be. No, Mackenzie is a Keeper. Her job is to find and return escaped Histories back to the Archive. Ever since she was young her Da taught her the ways of being a Keeper. He taught her that the Histories, people who have died and have a copy of their memories, flesh and thoughts, are kept in a large library called the Archive. If one of these Histories awakens and manages to leave the Archive they become confused and dangerous. That’s when Mackenzie, the Keeper, returns the Histories back to the Archive. However, Mackenzie starts to learn that there is a dangerous secret, a conflicting story and a rogue Librarian that is about to tear the Archive, and all the Histories, apart.

The Archived is a fabulously written story that had me so engrossed that I finished the book in a five hours! I could really feel the emotions of Mackenzie and her struggle. I was able to visualize the characters without feeling like I needed to skim the descriptions. There were times where I truly was able to experience the emotions of all the characters, not just Mackenzie. Victoria Schwab made them so real through her words that I felt as if I was in the book standing next to the characters.

The one thing about the story that I disliked is a part where Mackenzie discovers a person who holds the answers to her investigation of the reason the Archive is being torn apart. I feel during this scene that she acted out of character and that it just seemed bizarre. However, I don’t wish to give spoilers. If you’d like to know details or discuss The Archived, please comment below.

Overall, I found this novel to be a splendid book! I was able to be completely absorbed in the novel without feeling lost or confused. The characters are easy to envision and I found them easy to love too!

I would recommend this book to young and old readers who enjoy young adult novels. This book incorporated fantasy, mystery and a slight PG romance into the tale creating a great, quick read for any book fan.

I give this book four stars out of five, only docking a start for Mackenzie’s out of character development for a few chapters in the book.



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