Seattle Swing Dancing

A few weeks ago I went to Seattle Swing with my boyfriend and a few of my swing dancing friends. Seattle Swing is basically swing dancing in Seattle but it was an adventure all the same.

Seattle, and any largish city, makes me nervous. Like full anxiety. I’m constantly on guard, and going through every possible scenario in my head. I hate parking garages which are basically concrete death chambers in my mind. I hate cities with its many, many people, its high crime rates, its busy streets and many lanes of traffic. I hate its lack of trees and open space. But at the same time I like to travel and to see new places. I love experiencing new adventures which means as much as I hate the city, I find them perfect for a day trip.

However, regardless of my intense anxiety for all things city related, I had fun! Our little group went to Bambino’s Pizza for dinner and my favorite pizza had to have been this one with garlic, chicken, tomato, pesto and mozzarella cheese. Mmm it was delicious! Seattle Swing at Bambino's Pizza

After dinner we went to the Ballroom to dance and my goodness! It was packed! So many people were there that not everyone could dance because people were already hip to hip! We got there probably around 8 or 9 and it didn’t thin out enough to truly dance until probably 11 or 12. Dancing was fun though! We may have hit others or they hit us but we managed to have a lot of fun and still get to dance. There were lots of really great dancers too! Basically, if you wanted to find the best dancer, who had training and knew exactly what to do. Look down. Every single one of the males with the training, money and/or ego of “I’m the best!” had shiny black dance shoes. Every single one.

It reminds me of one of my family’s favorite Christmas movies, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”. A Hallmark movie that is very cute. However, I won’t go into that movie right now.

We stayed at the ballroom until about 1 am and then headed back to the hotel. Where we had a grand, tiring adventure of trying to find somewhere to park. Who knew that if you get to the hotel after 1am you have zero parking spots! We did eventually find a spot, after asking the hotel desk manager if he could possibly let us park in the adjacent “sister” hotel. Which he was kind enough to agree too!

By the time we got into our hotel rooms and settled for the night it was past 2am

Overall, Seattle Swing was fun and I’d love to do it again!

Have you ever been swing dancing? Or been to Seattle Swing? What was your experience like?



4 thoughts on “Seattle Swing Dancing

    1. I agree it was a magnificent night! Thank you for the recommendation to go to Bambino’s! They had really good pizza! On a side note: I’ve always been under the impression that those who spend over $70-$100 dollars on shoes are not to be trusted! 🙂


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