Supernatural Convention! Day TWO!

Day TWO! Supernatural Convention March 27-28 2015

As I said in my previous post, My sister and I got the chance to go to the first Seattle Supernatural Convention. Day one was so wonderful that we doubted the next day could compare! We were wrong, day two was just as amazing as the first if not more so!

It started with me drinking a large cup of coffee and my sister downing a yogurt smoothie. We were up till past two from the karaoke night and boy we were tired but our excitement masked most of our tiredness till later that day. As we headed to the convention, we checked our schedule. The panels for the day were Tahmoh Penikett (Ezekiel/Gadreel), Mark Shepherd (Crowley), Gil McKinney again (Young Henry Winchester), and Misha Collins (Castiel). Talk about excitement!!! We also realized that today was the day we could get a photo with Misha Collins AND Mark Shepherd! My sister and I were so excited!!

Listening to Tahmoh!
Listening to Tahmoh!

We listened to Tahmoh, who is all about healthy lifestyles and diets. I didn’t really see that coming! He talked about exercise, healthy diet/lifestyle, meditation and the endorphins released during exercise in response to a fans question (which I must admit having walked in late, I didn’t get to hear the question.) He had a very soft spoken voice and was interesting to hear, because he seemed more like one of us as he talked about how he really likes to be a health nut!

Gil McKinney at his Panel
Gil McKinney at his Panel
Gil McKinney and Felicia Day singing a duet! They were so cute!
Gil McKinney and Felicia Day singing a duet! They were so cute!

After that we listened to Gil McKinney again and he mostly talked about the karaoke night (See previous post) and answered the questions of the fans. He also talked about how acting goes in his blood and about his family. There was one girl who asked him about how he deals with his anxiety which really spoke to me because I have anxiety too. It was nice to hear an actor, someone famous, admit to something like anxiety and how he overcomes it every day. It sort of humanizes him into someone who is just like us. Another girl asked him about his singing and singing style and he started singing a song and the fan harmonized with him. It was scarily beautiful. Click on this page from a fan of everything Gil McKinney said at the convention. He was truly amazing!

Pretty soon, my sister and I got super, super excited to see Mark Shepherd who was up next! He plays Crowley on the Supernatural but he’s also been in a ton of other movies/shows as well, including Doctor Who! When Mark Shepherd came on stage he was immediately in his character for King of Hell. In fact, because the audience was mostly made up of fans who’ve never been to a convention before, he told the fans (in that amazing British voice) that, “The way I work at conventions is you ask questions and I usually won’t answer them. In fact, I don’t really listen to you at all. This is Crowley time, and this is basically how much fun can I have in 40 minutes.” Ah Crowley… 🙂

Then the most amazing thing happened! Instead of standing on the stage like all the other actors and actresses before him, Mark Shepherd walked around the entire room! He walked down every single aisle in that huge room, still in character (so you know, every bit the King of Hell as on the show!) and it was truly amazing! In fact he walked right past my sister and I and we were able to get some great pictures too! My favorite part was when he went past a baby and was talking to the baby, calling the baby “Baby in a Trench coat” and then asked the baby for a goldfish cracker (which the baby did give to him, I mean how could you not?) and gosh, it was the cutest thing ever! Had to have been there! He was such a great speaker, a great actor and a really nice man underneath it all.For Blog (25)

One fan went to ask a question but she had trouble speaking because she was shaking so much and he just went right up to her and hugged her. Did he have to do that? No. In fact, he could’ve acted more like the King of Hell, but he didn’t. And that is why I love this fandom so much. The show maybe about demons, angels and two boys in a ’67 Chevy Impala but it has a lot of love, respect and kindness laced throughout every fiber of its existence.

For Blog (18) For Blog (17) For Blog (16)

After the amazing performance of Crowley, my sister and I got the chance to get a picture taken with Mark Shepherd and Misha Collins. It was the best few minutes of our lives! It’s not every day that someone from the Northwest gets to meet, hug and take a picture with a famous celebrity, let alone two! Maybe in California that happens, but not here.

Our photo with Misha Collins and Mark Shepherd!
Our photo with Misha Collins and Mark Shepherd!

Once we took our photo and fangirled with some other fans we headed off to hear Misha Collins in his panel. But we were surprised along the way! Jared Padalecki decided to do a surprise visit to the convention a day ahead of schedule! I’m proud to say that my sister was the FIRST person to spot him and we got some great pictures of him too! For Blog (26) For Blog (27) For Blog (28) For Blog (29)He actually came down because his sister Megan, was promoting her book. For more information on Megan’s book see my previous post or Padalecki Studios. My sister was so excited because Sam is her favorite character and unfortunately due to some issues on our end we weren’t going to be able to stay for the third day, which was the day Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles were going to be there. She was pretty disappointed about that but with Jared’s surprise visit to the Convention on our last day made her so incredibly happy! If you could’ve seen her smile! 🙂

After the surprise of the Moose, we continued to where Misha was talking. Misha is wonderful! He got asked a lot of questions that weren’t as great as the questions asked in other panels but he handled it all like a champ! Misha is amazing because of his organization Random Acts of Kindness, if you’ve never heard of the organization I highly suggest you go to this website. Such an amazing man who really is quite kind. He’s strange sometimes and people (including himself sometimes) call him a jerk, but honestly, he is a kind and VERY confident man. For Blog (22) For Blog (23)Jared Padalecki also crashed Misha’s panel not once, but twice! The audience’s reaction was explosive! 🙂 Jared crashed the first time to tell the fans that you really shouldn’t take Misha’s advice. 🙂 The second time was to show off his new shirt of the Louden Swain Band! 🙂

Misha also walked around the room and up and down the aisle of all his fans! My sister and I got some close up pictures of him too! He was so kind on his walks up and down the aisle/stage. Every time some said that they loved him or that he was amazing, etc. He always said, “Aww! I love you too!” or “Thank you!”. I never expected such a reaction from someone who was clearly very famous. It further shows how special this cast, crew, show and fandom is.

For Blog (24)All in all, my sister and I had the greatest weekend ever and thoroughly enjoyed our first Supernatural Convention. I think it’s safe to say that we will definitely have to go back another year! 🙂

Have you been to a Supernatural Convention? Are you a fan?



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