Trials of Microbiology Part 2

I believe Microbiology and I have a mutual hatred that can only be expressed through stress and tears. At the same time, I’m learning that Microbiology is nothing but a bully. It’s not a hard class, it’s just there to make you cry and the lesson is to not let it win. I hate Microbiology but at the same time I’m growing…

As most of you know, my first week of microbiology was horrible. Now, on my second week of class I learned exactly how the quizzes work. And I’m completely upset by the learning experience too. Apparently, the quizzes are online. When I read the syllabus, I didn’t understand it to say that the quizzes were online; I thought that the quizzes would be in class. So since I was out of town for Easter weekend and didn’t have internet, I believed I was okay. I was wrong. The quiz was posted online on Friday. I left very early on Friday morning (around 3am) and was gone until Sunday evening. Then I worked all day on Monday. The due date for the quiz was Tuesday morning at 8am. Tuesday, I ended up having to be at work an hour earlier and didn’t think to check online. I got a zero on my quiz because I didn’t do it. I was incredibly upset. I’ve had so much bad and good things that have been going on since February and starting my new quarter off with a zero? That was the icing on the cake. My bottle of pent up emotions exploded!

All I could do was hope and pray that my professor will understand and let me take the quiz late. I emailed her explaining my misunderstanding but I didn’t really have any hope. The syllabus clearly said (the one clear bullet point) that quizzes cannot be made up… I seriously hate Microbiology right now…

However, later that week my professor agreed to let me take the quiz but the highest score I could get was an 80%. I’ll take it though. 80% is better than a 0%! Now that the quiz fiasco was over, I thought perhaps Microbiology would be better! I know now about the expectations and hopefully with the test coming up I’ll be okay!

Then I had to go to lab…

I hate lab…there is too much going on at one time in lab and she isn’t explaining it! I almost miss my Anatomy and Physiology professor and his class was an absolute nightmare!

In lab I am paired with three other people, and while they are nice and we all can work together. I’m reminded that my personality and nature doesn’t mesh well with at least one of them. It makes for a long lab. However, I am able to put aside most of my frustrations (personality wise) in order to get things done for a good grade.

Now, if only we were able to actually get things done in lab and be organized.

So far we have had four labs, in each of those labs we have not finished any of the lab work, had faulty microscopes, spilled two vials of microbes, burned microbes, did the wrong section of lab work, ended up reading the wrong section and had to make slides three times, had someone else actually take our mediums so we couldn’t do one section of lab work and got our plates from the incubator only to find out that one smear plate didn’t show the second species, one wasn’t done right, one partner wasn’t there and I did two of the same smear plates because I was lead to believe I did it wrong. Sigh…

On the bright side, I found out that I’m good at smear plates and that having taken Chemistry and Anatomy and Physiology I know how to use most, if not all, of the equipment. I know how to take a horrible lab and still get the information I need out of it. I also know how to put my shy personality on the back burner and manage to ask other groups for help, even if I feel stupid for doing so.

My test in this class is tomorrow and I’ve been studying my butt off. I canceled all plans to see anyone, I took away my fandoms and books, I loaded up on tea and chocolate and I have been hibernating in my room doing nothing but studying. I have rewritten notes, read the microbiology book twice, I have scoured the lecture slides and created the many flashcards…

Studying... Ugh....
Studying… Ugh….
My dog, Addie, is tired of studying! :)
My dog, Addie, is tired of studying! 🙂
My cat, Britain, is helping me study. :)
My cat, Britain, is helping me study. 🙂


All my studying (four days of it) paid off! I got a 93.5% on my first exam! 🙂 Now if only my labs would go better!

Week three will be up soon!



2 thoughts on “Trials of Microbiology Part 2

  1. Our micro lab was a nightmare too….It must be a micro professor thing—My teacher would rattle off instructions for like 5 labs at once and then she’d get mad when we didn’t remember every single thing she said. Uy. Do you guys have to wear full PPE?

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    1. It must be! Yeah, it’s pretty difficult to know what we are doing in lab… and I haven’t a clue what is going on either!
      We do have full PPE, gowns, gloves and goggles that give us all headaches!


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