Sakura-Con 2015

This weekend I got to go to Sakura-Con! (Click here for more information)Sakura Con 2015

I had a blast with my boyfriend and four closest friends. I have been to Sakura-Con twice before but this was the first time that I decided not to cosplay (usually I cosplay as Maka) I didn’t go this year because I got busy with Seattle Swing Dancing, starting a new quarter and of course the amazing Supernatural Convention Day 1 and Supernatural Convention Day 2. Not to mention that the month of March was just brutal! However, even though I was slightly bummed to not go in cosplay, my boyfriend went as the Eleventh Doctor (Doctor Who) and his brother went as Castiel (Supernatural). Nolan And Regan (Cas and Eleventh Doctor) And it was a great weekend!Ashley and Grumpy Logan

My friend’s and I had a great time too! (Don’t let the grumpy face fool you! 🙂 )

Ashley and LoganEmily and IEven though I got completely drained and desperately needed to have some introvert time, we all managed to fun and get some great pictures!

We started by getting up at the crack of dawn so that we could get to the convention and buy our tickets and then we got to enter the convention. It was amazing with a ton of very excellent cosplays. Here are a few of my favorites:   Black Widow Cosplay Corgi at Con!! Cosplayers Emily and Gerry (2)  Harry Potter Cosplay. How to Train your Dragon Cosplay trio. How to Train your Dragon Cosplay Trio
Kakashi fight Loki Cosplay. Lord of the Rings Cosplay Duo. Maka and Soul Malificent Cosplay  Rapunzel and Merida (2)  Sakura Con third level Tardis and Harley Quinn Tenth Doctor Cosplay The Wicked Witch of the Waste (From Howl's Moving Castle) It got super crowded and soon we were shoulder to shoulder in most of the main rooms! I’m curious as to how many people were there! Had to be hundreds and hundreds!

There were amazing vendors that sold some great stuff from fandom necklaces and t-shirts to steampunk wardrobe and medieval armor!

It was jam packed with so many vendors and artists! I was really impressed by some of the artwork and the handmade jewelry, shirts and other creations.

We also got the chance to go the Masquerade ball! There were so many people!!!! In the years past there were only a handful of people who go to this ball but this time there were probably a hundred or so at the ball dancing! It was a huge turnout! They also had some very talented DJ’s who managed to slow down Lady Gaga songs into swing dancing music! That was pretty interesting to me because when I think about it, it really shouldn’t have worked that way but it worked wonderfully!

Ready for the Masquerade Ball (3)    Ready for the Masquerade Ball (4)

I also got the chance to see a Supernatural panel but it doesn’t even compare to the Supernatural convention… it was painfully horrible to say the least… At first it started out with a costume contest (which My boyfriend’s brother got fifth in!) but then it turned to reenacting some fanfiction, watching a fan animation video of crude humor and  I high tailed it out of there… I don’t ship Destiel, and I am not amused by crude humor. I like the storyline of Supernatural, the characters, the fan base, etc. I did not like these fans… they were nothing like the nice fans from the Supernatural Convention. I felt like I was in the wrong fandom! Surely these people are not talking about the Supernatural I watch and love?  Regardless… I left that disaster. Here are some pictures of them though and the costume contest.Supernatural Costume Contest (Nolan got 5th)Supernatural Costume ContestMeg, Sam, Dean and Cas CosplayersBY the next morning, we were extremely tired, I was totally socialized out and desperately needed chocolate, coffee and introvert time (and not necessarily in that order!). So naturally, we went to Top Pot Doughnuts! It was very delicious and their coffee wasn’t that bad, although if you’re like me and you can’t stand bitter coffee, I highly suggest adding a few more shots of chocolate syrup or sugar…

Regan And Nolan.Top Pot Doughnuts (4.4.15)Ashley and I.

Now that I am home, I feel better and can reflect on this great memory. Lately, I have been blessed with many opportunities to go and experience new things and see new people. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for me this year!

Have you ever been to Sakura-Con? Do you cosplay? Were you at Sakura-Con? I’d love to hear about it!


4 thoughts on “Sakura-Con 2015

  1. Sounds like you had an awesome time. I went to a comic convention this past weekend too! I did a casual Ariel (from the Little Mermaid) cosplay on the Friday, but didn’t have time to finish anything else.

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