Scarlet By: Marissa Meyer

Book two of the Lunar Chronicles series, Cinder is back and locked in a high security prison. She decides to break out and if she manages to break out, she’d be considered the most wanted fugitive in the Commonwealth. While Cinder contemplates whether she is going to escape; half way around the world Scarlet Benoit is finding out how fast her life can change when she discovers that her grandmother is missing. In fact Scarlet is sure that her grandmother was taken, and she doesn’t know why. Scarlet is not your typical Little Red Riding Hood, she helps her Grandmother on their farm selling produce in her delivery (space) ship. She may not use a picnic basket to deliver her produce but she does own a gun-and she isn’t afraid to use it either. And she is not going to sit around while her grandmother is in trouble. With the police believing that her Grandmother had just decided to leave, Scarlet uses clues which lead her to Paris to save her Grandmother. Along the way she meets Wolf, a street fighter who says that he knows about what happened to her Grandmother. Leery, Scarlet finds that the more she tries to hate Wolf, the more she is drawn to him. Pretty soon Scarlet and Wolf find themselves in Paris, where they discover that her Grandmother’s disappearance is only the tip of the ice burg of a huge plot that is far more dangerous than they were led to believe. Scarlet must learn who she can trust as she unravels a mystery and stays ahead of the terrible Queen Levana and her villainous plot.
Little Red Riding Hood is probably one of my favorite fairy tales. I’ve always been drawn to the retellings because of how different one can make the tale. The wolf could be nice or evil, an actual wolf, werewolf, human, or shape-shifter. Perhaps the wolf is actually Little Red? The possibilities are endless and this novel is no exception. In Scarlet, I was overjoyed to find that she is extremely amazing. She is tougher, fiercer, and so much fierier then Cinder was/is. She is not afraid to fight or get dirty in order to do what is right. And she was stubborn! Oh so stubborn and that made me like her even more. Her determination to find her Grandmother was refreshing given how the tale could’ve been spun so very differently. I enjoyed Scarlet’s character much more than I did Cinder’s. And speaking of favorite characters, I loved Wolf! Wolf is not exactly who I pictured at the start of the book but his character never disappointed me! He is shy, quiet, fascinated by tomatoes and can be deadly when he chooses too. The relationship between Scarlet and Wolf is one with lots of ups and downs and isn’t at all like a sappy teenager romance to me- I’m slightly biased given how much I loved these characters, but I found their relationship to be easy, and deeper than in Cinder.
Overall, I loved this book much more than I loved Cinder and I couldn’t wait to read the third book in the series, Cress. I loved the characters and the storyline, and the plot twists were quite good. As I kept reading Scarlet I started to see how Marissa Meyer was interconnecting fairytales and how the entire plot line of Cinder and Queen Levana moved through to other characters. It showed that, not just one nation was affected by the plague, the Lunar Queen or the events of the fugitive Cinder. All in all, I give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars. I’d recommend this to anyone 12-13 or older just like in Cinder and to anyone who likes action, Little Red Riding Hood, the big bad wolf, cyborgs, space travel, sassy, sarcastic answers and all things fairytales.

Next up: Cress By: Marissa Meyer



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