Immortal Beloved By: Cate Tiernan

Nastasya, isn’t you’re usual spoiled, drugged, party girl. She’s immortal and been alive for longer then she’d care to admit. She feels nothing for anyone except maybe her best friend and she certainly doesn’t care about anyone either. Or she thought that was the case until she witnesses her best friend torturing a human. That’s when she decides to change. She ends up going to a refuge at a rehabilitation facility for wayward immortals, where she meets other immortals trying to change their lives too. Here she learns that her past is much more complicated then she originally thought and her life, though she’s known hardships, is only going to get harder.
Honestly, I hated this book. I hated the writing where there are the random “OMG”, “WTF”, “ha ha ha”, “whatever”, “I mean, I’m telling it like it is, people!” (Yeah, that’s directed to you, reader)” and “you know” thrown around. I couldn’t get over the way the dialog wrote and all I wanted was to burn the book and never lay eyes on it again. It really sucked that bad. The first few chapters are written rather sloppy and the heroine is selfish, spoiled and annoying. The book had potential with all of the immortals and the plot line of her past but instead it became a repetitive book about an immortal girl hiding a burn-mark from her best friend under a scarf for hundreds of years, drunk parties, drugs, cruelty, constant source of money (from where?) and she’s still shocked when her best friend torture’s a taxi-driver? It’s not like a person can hide that rotten personality for hundreds of years.
Reviews said that it is a story of renewal, of a girl who hit rock bottom and is trying to change. To me, it is a predictable story about an immortal girl who spins uninteresting, selfish and cruel thoughts and actions regardless of her want to change. The writing kept dropping random information; possibly to give you the sense that she’s ancient, but it only makes it worse. Information like, “I was in France during the Revolution” or “I was sick with TB in Taiwan in 1618″… But none of it feels real. Like she’s spinning one lie after another while talking about different countries and time periods because that’s what immortals apparently do.
I was confounded that someone her age (450 years old) still acted like a spoiled 13 years old. Her friends were elite, arrogant, sadistic, superficial, egoistic clique; especially her best friend, Innocencio. (I realize people had different names in the past, but these are truly weird. I’m pretty sure they were completely made up by grabbing random letters from thin air.) The worst part, is I’m pretty sure that Nastasya had only ever been really happy was during the when she was on drugs, at parties in the sixties. My view of the main character is that she is shallow, pathetic, a quitter, and very immature despite her age. These characteristics make her an unattractive person to me and I would not recommend this book to anyone. I give it 1 out of 5 stars and refuse to pick up the second book in the series; unless of course I turn Immortal myself and need something to burn.


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