Fairest By: Marissa Meyer

 Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who is the fairest of them all?

**MAYBE SOME SPOILERS! ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE FIRST THREE BOOKS** I tried to keep spoilers out of this review but it does happen and this is a backstory to the first three books…so… you’ve been warned.
Marissa Meyer’s newest book, Fairest, is all about the one and only evil Queen Levana. The story starts when Levana is fifteen and her parents were just assassinated. Her older sister, Channary (Cinder’s mother) is to become Queen. But Luna’s royalty isn’t all sunshine and daisies, in fact, I’m pretty sure the whole lot of them were psychopaths.
Part of me was excited for this book, and another part of me was dreading the whole the villain isn’t evil she’s misunderstood cliché. That did not happen. In fact, this book managed to make me understand the villain but still hate her. Because let’s face it, bad things happen to people but the person has to decide if they wish to focus on the bad or actually change. Levana did indeed change…to the dark side.
In the story you learn that Levana actually grew up with no love. The poor girl has no idea about love actually which ends up really making matters worse later in the story. Levana has no love and affection from her parents, and is tormented and abused by her older sister, Channary. The actions of Levana’s family, I believe, are some of the main reasons she ended up the way we all see her in Cinder, Scarlet and Cress. However, even with all of these seriously psychopathic events, we see a bit of a behind the scenes for the previous books. We may not like Levana any more than we originally did, but now we understand her hatred of mirrors and reflections. We understand the why to all her actions and her wants. Once you read Fairest, you’ll understand why she wants to marry Prince Kai. I mean Marissa Meyer knows how to connect her entire storyline!

But Queen Levana isn’t just evil…she’s psychotic, corrupt, insane and delusional. Her story is sad, yes, but it also goes to show how far a person goes when abused and tormented. It shows that she, and her family, are suffering with some mental illness and it worsens as they age. Because of a childhood tragedy done to her at a young age by her sister, Levana becomes very deeply lost in her own delusions. The delusions are so deep that she misses out on happiness and love. She ends up craving love and happiness and that obsessive craving makes her even more blind to what she should do. It’s a constant circle for Levana and it doesn’t get any better. The circle she finds herself in is written so well that I found this book to be an incredibly in-depth and enlightening look at her character. IT doesn’t make me sympathize with her but it does make me understand many, many little things from the first three books involving the why in her characters choices.
So many questions are answered in this book that we really get to understand about the virus sent to earth, her plans of Earth, Luna and blackmail, the wolf-beasts, the use of shells, why Lunar’s want to escape Luna and why she hates mirrors. It’s like having a perfectly perfect foundation and then adding another layer on it. It’s truly amazing to see a the connection of the past with the future in the series. And honestly, what’s better than an in-depth, “behind the scenes” story on the big bad villain?
Overall, I give this book 4 out of 5 stars and I do recommend this to anyone who has already read the first three books. It makes it more interesting to read the past of the characters you’ve already read and it does have quite a few little spoilers for each of the first three books. There is some content in this book that makes me feel that anyone younger than thirteen should not read it. I leave it up to the parent to decide but there is some extremely dark and not so pleasant content that I would have trouble allowing a child to read.

Have you read the whole series yet? Are you going to? Is anyone as excited for Winter, as I am??



9 thoughts on “Fairest By: Marissa Meyer

      1. It was one of the most intense books I’ve read in a while. Not necessarily in a full-of-action way, but the emotions of Levana were exhausting to experience. I kept wishing for some kind of happy ending, even though I knew it wasn’t going to happen. Extremely good read though haha. Thanks again for the recommendations 🙂

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      2. You’re welcome! I’m so glad you liked the series!!
        I have to completely agree about the emotions of Levana! It was really exhausting and I too was hoping for some happiness somewhere! Now to wait for Winter!

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