The Assassin’s Curse By: Cassandra Rose Clarke

Meet Ananna, daughter of the Tanarau pirates. She’s fierce, stubborn and not at all happy that her parents are marrying her off to another pirate clan. So when she decides that becoming a simple bride was not in her destiny she escapes. Unfortunately her disappearance made the other pirate clan feel belittled, and they decided to send an assassin after her.

Assassin’s, learned in the ways of both physical and magical fights are well known for using their blood magic to kill their victims; and Ananna, has just become the victim. Fighting to the death in the desert, Ananna, armed with a source of magic that she isn’t sure will work, accidently sets off a curse that binds her to the Assassin and vice versa.

In order to break the spell, the unlikely pair must go on adventure after adventure to find the cure. Battling evil creatures called the Mists, freak storms, an island that is not what it seems, strange magic and of course, the pirate clan Ananna scorned when she refused marriage.

The Assassin’s Curse is book 1 in the Ananna Duology Series. I actually really did like this book, it’s written from the voice of Ananna complete with pirate language and bad grammar which made the book seem more real. At times it was a bit difficult to read since in my mind I wouldn’t have used that notorious grammar but Ananna does and I connected with her character faster I think when her voice was so much different than my own. I loved the Assassin, he was my favorite character! Although, I’m not going to go in depth on this book because it will spoil it for some the book was still a great, short read. Even if a bit of the book was a little obvious.

Overall, I give this book 3.5 out of 5 stars. I can’t explain why though. It was a really good read and I finished it pretty quickly, but I think I was hoping for more. That and I didn’t realize it was a series so by the time I was almost done with the book and realized that there was not enough pages to right everything …it made me irritated. Again, I can’t really explain why.

Regardless it was a great little tale full of pirates, magic, witches and wizards, a hate turned to love romance possibility and many wonderful characters. I recommend the book to anyone really, especially if you love action, adventure and pirates! I think kids could handle it as well since it’s not super advanced and the characters are pretty lovable.

Have you read The Assassin’s Curse? What did you think? Did you have conflicting feelings during it like I did?



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