The Night Sister By: Jennifer McMahon

In a little town in Vermont, there is an old motel called the Tower Motel. Once upon a time it thrived and was quite an attraction with the authentic Tower of London, Lucy the State Cow, the Chicken Circus and the Chicken hypnotist. Rose and Silvie Slater lived there in the 1950’s with their parents and they had a good business going until the highway was built, diverting customers on a faster route rather than the scenic one. Fast forward several years and the once thriving attraction now stands in ruins, no longer what it was back in the 1950’s. Amy, the daughter of Rose Slater, and Piper and Margot the new neighbor kids form a fast friendship playing in the disrepair of the Tower Motel. The best friends uncover a suitcase that once belonged to Silvie Slater, Amy’s Aunt, whose grandmother claims ran away to Hollywood to become an actress in one of Alfred Hitchcock’s next film. But as the three girls investigate this new mystery, the three uncover dark secrets of the lives of Amy’s ancestor’s, Rose and Silvie, and their fast friendship becomes as ruined as the motel they played in.

Now as adults, Piper and Margot try to forget that horrible discovery when they were children. Each start new lives, Piper in L.A. and Margot expecting her first child with her childhood crush, Jason. Neither one talks to Amy since Amy had cut all ties with them, but they still keep an ear out for their former best friend. Until one day a horrible murder, with Amy being accused, brings memories of that horrid summer back into the light.  Together the two sister’s aim to finally finish their unsolved mystery and to clear Amy’s name, but will they be too late?

I saw this book on a website stating that it was the new thriller from Jennifer McMahon. Having never read any of her books, but hearing quite a bit about them, I decided to give it a try. The next day I put it on hold at the library, waited for it to come in and then had it sit on my nightstand for a good week and a half. Scary stories aren’t my style, so why did I pick this book up from the library? Then yesterday, a day before I needed to return this book, I decided to start reading it- if I truly didn’t like it I could always decide to stop reading it and read something else. Then something happened. I finished the book. I could not stop reading and read this book in the span of about four hours and before bed as well! A thrilling, supernatural mystery McMahon writes incredibly well. Her characters are fleshed out and her writing sucks you into the pages before you even know what hit you. Yes there is suspense, thrills, supernatural and mystery. But there is also a genuine reality to her writing. The different era’s going back and forth, the flashbacks, the clues in the form of letters to Alfred Hitchcock, the language and the dialogue. Everything about this book was enticing and not nearly as scary. And that is saying something since I read this before going to bed. I guess that is the only thing about the book that could be a letdown, it’s not as scary as say Stephen King, or 172 Hours on the Moon; it was just thrilling!

Overall I give this book either a 3.5 or 4 out of 5 stars. It was a great read, probably not suitable for children though. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes mysteries, thrillers, supernatural mysteries, and books that suck you in from page one.

Have you read The Night Sister yet? Are you planning too?


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