Supernatural Convention Day One March 19-20 2016

In the next couple of months, I’ll be posting about some of my adventures over the year. The first experience I’ll be posting is the Supernatural Convention! So last year my sister and I went to the Supernatural Convention and as usual we were super excited!!! I mean it’s one of our favorite shows ever! And in the year we waited for this convention Jared Padalecki started a campaign called ‘Always Keep Fighting’ and Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins started a campaign called ‘You’re Never Alone’. If you are not familiar with either of these campaigns, I highly suggest you check them out because like Misha’s campaign of ‘Random Acts of Kindness’, they are all very close to my heart. They have to do with mental illnesses, more specifically, depression, anxiety and panic attacks. All things that I can relate too! Anyways, not only is the show amazing, and the cast even more so but they also really care about their fans, and I find that to be so much more important than that they are just super cute (although they are, I mean have you seen them? )

On that Saturday morning my family and I drove up to Seattle and checked in at the Convention. It was in the gorgeous Hyatt Hotel again. Once we paid and checked in we were able to look around at the vendors. The Hunter’s Den vendor that makes all their Supernatural merchandize was there again, along with a few new vendors. They had awesome T-shirts, necklaces and really pretty jars of salt. Also, Megan Padalecki, Jared Padalecki’s, sister who wrote the cutest little children’s book, Big Mo was there again!! She wrote, illustrated and self-published her first children’s book all by herself! To read her interview about her book click here. After the vendors we went to listen to some panels from Ruth Connell (Rowena), Kim Rhodes (Sheriff Jody Mills), Brianna Buckmaster (Sheriff Donna), Osric Chau (Kevin Tran), Louden Swain Band, Richard Speight Jr.(Trickster/Gabriel), Rob Benedict (Chuck, etc.) and Matt Cohen (Young John Winchester). I absolutely love listening to the panels and hearing the actors and actresses tell stories about some of the things that happened on set, behind the scenes or just in their lives in general! I think the panels make the actors more human and friendlier to the fans. They aren’t just heroes to the fans but now they’re actual people who care about their fans. It’s like adding to your family almost. I couldn’t get over how nice they were. Speaking of nice, you probably will not meet a better fandom. Every fan was kind in the convention. Not once did I get the feeling that it was stupid to be so nerdy or anything! I could not ask for a nicer group of people. Oh and side note: Osric Chau (Kevin Tran) plays the same phone game that I do called Neko Atsume (anyone else play the game?) and because of this I believe we are now bonded over this adorable game of cats! 

After all the panels, my sister and I went to go get our picture taken with Ruth Connell (Rowena)! We were so excited!! She is our favorite female villain on the show and the Scottish accent! I mean, how can you not love her? It was the best couple of minutes EVER! And then after we got our picture taken we bought some merchandize (I mean what else are you going to do?) and took as many pictures as possible while we waited for Misha Collins (Castiel) & Mark Shepherd’s (Crowley) panels. Misha’s panel was amazing as always! Misha’s organization is ‘Random Acts of Kindness’, if you’ve never heard of the organization I highly suggest you go to this website at Misha is such an amazing and kind man. He’s strange sometimes and people (including him sometimes) call him a jerk, but honestly, he is a kind and VERY confident man. Misha decided that because a woman in the crowd had a private meet and greet with him and told him about how her girl scout group was unable to sell 27 cases of girl scout cookies because of our extremely stormy weather and then she was at the convention, Misha told her that he would sell the cookies for her at the panel. And sure enough, he sold 26 of the cases by the end of his 40 minute long panel!! Creation Entertainment was not happy with him at all but he didn’t care, Misha is all about kindness and if that means being a little over the top then so be it! My sister and I adore him!

Then it was time for Mark Shepherd! When he came on stage he was immediately in his character for King of Hell, as the Louden Swain band introduced him onto the stage with a catchy little jingle. But it wasn’t good enough for Crowley, so they had to do it over and over again until it was perfect! Like last year, instead of standing on the stage like all the other actors and actresses before him, Mark Shepherd walked around the entire room! He walked down every single aisle in that huge room, still in character (so you know, every bit the King of Hell as on the show!) and it was truly amazing! In fact he walked right past my sister and I and we were able to get some great pictures too! My favorite part was when he went right up to the main camera and showed him his phone with a video of his newborn daughter on it and told the camera lady to focus on his camera so he could show us a video of his baby girl. It was adorable!! He also told us about his ten-year old son and how he has type-one diabetes and celiac disease and how difficult it is. Something that we didn’t know and made me respect him even more than I already did!

After all the panels, my sister and I went and had dinner with the family while we waited until 10:00pm for the Louden Swain concert to start. It was an amazing concert!!! They played a ton of awesome songs! And they also had some of the cast come out and play/sing too! Louden Swain Band, Richard Speight Jr. (Trickster/Gabriel) sang and played bass. Rob Benedict (Chuck, etc.) is the lead singer of Louden Swain. Matt Cohen (Young John Winchester) sang. Ruth Connell (Rowena), Brianna Buckmaster (Sheriff Donna), and Osric Chau (Kevin Tran) sang. Mark Shepherd (Crowley) played the drums and Timothy Omundson (Cain) sang and played harmonica. The concert was just amazing! (OH! And awesome moment during the concert! I went to the bathroom during the concert and ran into Brianna Buckmaster and Ruth Connell!!! I got to talk to them and they called me beautiful!! It was an epic moment for me! I’m still fangirling over it!!!)

Over all it was a perfect end to a perfect day! Are you a fan of Supernatural? Were you at the Seattle Con?



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