Supernatural Convention Day Two March 19-20 2016

As promised! Here is Day Two of my Supernatural adventure earlier this year! 🙂 As I said in my previous post my sister and I got the chance to go to Seattle Supernatural Convention again this year. Day one was so wonderful but day two made it so we couldn’t stop smiling!!

It started with my sister and I trying to figure out how to work the stupid coffee maker in the hotel room…Did you know that you have to keep pushing the button constantly just to get your coffee? When I mean constantly, I mean it took literally an hour and fifteen minutes for my sister and I to get out coffee made… what an experience!!! But it was so needed because we were up till about two because of the concert and boy we were tired but our excitement masked most of our tiredness till later that day. As we headed to the convention, we checked our schedule. The panels for the day were Louden Swain Band, Richard Speight Jr. (Trickster/Gabriel), Rob Benedict (Chuck, etc.), Mark Shepherd (Crowley), Timothy Omundson (Cain), and of course Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles!!!!! WE WERE SO EXCITED!!!! But first we were getting our pictures taken….we were getting our pictures taken with our heroes!!!
My sister and I were getting a photo-op with JARED PADALECKI AND JENSEN ACKLES!!!!!
As we waited for in the long line that wound around the hotel we were getting excited but we were still so far away from the destination that it hadn’t really, really hit us yet. And then we went up the last flight of stairs and heard the loud music…and it hit us… We were going to officially meet Jared and Jensen… IN PERSON!! My sister and I were starting to freak out more now as the line seemed to move faster and faster and we felt that there was no way we were ready for this moment in time!! Two fans behind us, who have done this before, reassured us that they are very nice and helped us to calm down but there was no denying it. We didn’t know it till much later, and I’ll explain it in a minute, but ultimately my sister and I had been musked….

By the time we rounded the corner and saw Jared and Jensen my sister and I were completely speechless! We were nervous; our heroes are standing less than ten feet away from us! We tried to breathe but that was a bad idea (#blamethemusk) and by that time we were stuck in awe!

Then it was our turn! We were up! Jared and Jensen were looking right at us! And…we froze! My sister sort of stumbled toward Jared and I got super shy and walked towards Jensen. I tried to speak normally but I’m pretty sure I barely managed above a whisper, “Can I hug you?” to which Jensen replied, “Of course Sweet heart!” and to my right I heard my sister try to say something…fail, and then Jared tell her, “Hi! Cute dimples!” and all I could think was, ‘my sister is dead, but hey! I’m hugging Jensen Ackles!’ We took the picture of us each hugging our hero, then after the picture Jensen hugged me tighter (SCREAMING!!!), my sister tripped over me to hug Jensen and I tripped over her to hug Jared, we finally got out of the way and just wobbly–legged hugged each other, high-fived a random fan, and I exclaimed to a large crowd of people waiting outside in line, “I think I just DIED!” to which they all laughed and I immediately broke whatever tension had been hovering there.

It was the greatest moment of our lives!!!! My sister and I couldn’t breathe!!! We were so excited!!! BEST. DAY. EVER!!

Once we got over the shock of meeting our heroes and had an amazing authentic Italian lunch with the family, sis and I went to Richard Speight Jr.’s (Trickster/Gabriel) panel and this is where we learned about #blamethemusk… and this, my dear friends, is where everything made sense! Basically, Richard Speight Jr. had a sermon where he got us all pumped up because the next people we were going to listen to was Jared and Jensen (be still our beating hearts!) and Richard had to explain about the “Musk”. Basically the natural scent that is Jared and Jensen makes you go crazy, insane, do weird things, continuously go to conventions, all those photo ops you see and think, ‘ I will NEVER do that’ and then all of a sudden you end up doing that! It is all caused by the musk. It is #blamethemusk.

“You line up like you are going to ride Space Mountain and you don’t think too much of it, but then you round that bend and you pause…are…am I wearing new shoes? I feel different! #blamethemusk! By the time you reach that point you are too far gone, by that time it is a gravitational force pulling you through the line, good luck getting out of it! # blamethemusk. Soon you are right next to them, in the middle of this blob of musk and … that’s it… you’ve been musked!” & “It smells like freedom, like someone bottled the sun, like words cannot describe the smell that is the musk, Rob! We need to get on this pronto to describe this smell!!” are a few of Richard Speight’s quotes that I can remember off the top of my head.

It was so spot on how my sister and I felt that I couldn’t believe it! And then Jared and Jensen came on!! AND Jared brought his two kids Thomas and Shep on stage too! We got to sing Happy Birthday to Thomas because his birthday was the day before! It was so cute! Then Jared’s wife Genevieve, (She played Ruby on the show) took the kids and we got to hear Jared and Jensen talk about the show. They are really funny and it’s really cool how they are best friends in real life too! Then they did a rapid impromptu where they say the first thing that pops into their mind for each season! And apparently, Season 2 doesn’t exist because neither of them could remember it! 

Over all it was the most wonderful and glorious day/weekend ever!!



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