Invisible Women?

What is it with Marvel and DC (even Star Wars recently!), deciding that women should be the “Invisible” superheroes? Recently I came across a few articles, and spoke to a few women and this is what we found…


  • Iron Man movies, merchandise, clothing and memorabilia.
  • Captain America movies, merchandise, clothing and memorabilia.
  • Thor movies, merchandise, clothing and memorabilia.
  • Hulk movies, merchandise, clothing and memorabilia.
  • Hawk Eye: Merchandise, clothing and memorabilia
  • Black Widow….

Okay… Let’s try again!

Batman vs. Superman (Wonder woman is in there too, right?)

  • Batman movies, merchandise, clothing and memorabilia.
  • Superman movies, merchandise, clothing and memorabilia.
  • Wonder Woman…

Okay…. Must be a fluke right?
Star Wars! Ahh, the main character is a woman!! Then you find out that Rey, the main character in the new Star Wars movie was excluded from the Star Wars toys and games. Weird right? To exclude a main character? You’d think that would be a major selling point in the world of making money and everything! But alas, the hashtag #Where’s Rey was everywhere voicing the concern for our missing female warrior.

The funny thing is, this isn’t a new topic… Girls everywhere are angry! And why shouldn’t they be? Joss Whedon blames sexism, women blame anti-feminism, but I don’t really know who to blame. I think I don’t want to blame anyone to be honest. I just want to fix the way society says women have to be. But mostly, I just want us to change for the better. This is 2016 now, women are superheroes. We can do anything and be anything or anyone we want to be! We can save the day or we can help someone else save the day. We can be the hero in our own story or someone else’s! We are amazing! But you know what? So are guys. I don’t think women should be above men or men above women because when God made Adam and Eve he took a rib bone from Adam’s side to make Eve, so that we would be equal. I don’t like people who are so adamant about equality that they end up being unfair to the guys too. Feminism is great until you take away the equality, then it is just bullying and that isn’t going to solve anything. I think it would be wiser to just try some female main character superhero movies. Don’t exclude the females in the merchandise and to treat everyone equally, like God intended us to do in the first place!


Don’t get me wrong, Male superheroes are amazing, in fact I love the Avengers, Wolverine, Professor X, Batman, Superman, Arrow, everyone and I’m a huge nerd… but my favorite characters… Black Widow, Wonder Woman… you don’t see a lot of merchandise for them unless you make them yourself and they don’t get nearly as much screen time. I would easily pay to go to the theatre several nights in a row to see Black Widow and Wonder Woman in their own movies. The fact of the matter is that girls like superheroes too, and we care. To say otherwise is insulting especially when the Marvel and DC fan base is at least 49% female.
This is why I am pretty excited for the Wonder Women movie that will be playing soon. I’m praying that this is the start to a wonderful new era of FEMALE MAIN CHARACTERS. And I’m ecstatic! Are you? How do you feel about female superheroes? What is your take on it? How would you solve this unequal superhero problem, if you consider it a problem?


P.S. Word on the street, with the newest movie Suicide Squad, that women are (hopefully) going to get some more equal screen time! Fingers crossed!


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