The Dreaded TEAS Test

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This quarter has been killer! Microbiology and I had a relationship that was love and hate all the way through. I loved learning the information, and it was fascinating! But I hated the class, and the labs. Funny how that goes! Every lab made me depressed because the concepts weren’t clear, and every test I took made me more and more anxious. I knew that if I wanted to go into Nursing, I have to be competitive, and get the highest grades possible and that alone can make a person extremely anxious! I was on edge since day one and I can truthfully say that it was horrible, but worth every minute.

I learned a lot about myself in these last twelve weeks. I learned that I am stronger and smarter that I think. I learned that I am dedicated and if I put my mind to something I can do it. Eventually. I learned all the material and I forgave myself when I got something wrong. I corrected my mistakes but I learned from them instead of shouldering them as a burden on my back. I actually did catch my lab coat, glove and the Bunsen burner on fire in lab (it was faulty! It wasn’t my fault! Trust me I checked with the professor!) and I didn’t lose any skin on my hand and I learned that I work quickly in dangerous situations. Even if the shock of seeing flames around your hand does make you squeal. I made friends and allies, even when I would’ve rather had worked alone. I learned the concepts of lab and discovered that I remembered everything from my previous science classes too!

I learned how to study more effectively. I studied weeks in advance of a test, I rewrote my notes, read the textbook, listened to the lectures over and over again, I wrote out the study guides and then used the study guides to make stack after stack of flashcards. I felt like my entire quarter was just studying! I was stressed and anxious and I was completely exhausted, trading sleep for a few more hours of studying. I devoted weeks and weekends to just study Microbiology, much to my family and friends dismay at times. I brought flashcards with me everywhere just in case I’d have some spare time to study. I even took my flashcards with me on a hiking trip! I had breakdowns, I prayed and I just kept studying until I was sure I couldn’t study anymore. In the end it paid off because I finished my quarter with a 97% and I couldn’t be happier!

Now it’s the end of the quarter and I am free! I keep feeling like I need to keep studying, like there is another test looming just around the corner, but there isn’t. I truly am done with Microbiology. It’s a nice feeling, which of course feels all the more better as I stare at the 97% on my grades sheet! 🙂 It’s the little things in life, right?


Trials of Microbiology Part 2

I believe Microbiology and I have a mutual hatred that can only be expressed through stress and tears. At the same time, I’m learning that Microbiology is nothing but a bully. It’s not a hard class, it’s just there to make you cry and the lesson is to not let it win. I hate Microbiology but at the same time I’m growing…
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Nurse Delegation Class: The Rant, the Realization and the Review

So currently I am in a Nurse Delegation class. It is six days long, covering everything from medication administration, delegation and diabetes. It’s a two-part class and yesterday we just finished the Nurse Delegation Exam (I got 100%! Yahoo!) and today we start the Diabetes section.

I want to start off this post by announcing that the information in this class is amazing! Repetitive in most areas due to the one requirement is being a NAR/NAC in this class. I mean we already learned body systems so it’s like review. The knowledge though! It is really interesting how a delegating RN can teach you a specific task for one specific client and you get a $0.50 pay raise to do it! I find it astonishing that a delegating RN can give a task such as administering insulin, medication, non-sterile dressings and straight catheter care to a NAC! Shocking! Plus slightly scary that NAC’s can do such a thing too.

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